A week to remind us that we have to put safety first when cycling
Well after a fantastic year of cycling for British fans we have had a week which has not been so great. With so much success in the Olympics and Tour de France this year it was sad to hear the news that Bradley Wiggins and his coach Shane Sutton were knocked off in two separate incidents just a few hours apart. Our thoughts are with them and fingers crossed (sorry Bradley maybe not the best choice of phrase) for a speedy recovery. So was this a week to forget in our cycling year? No it’s a week to remember, a week to remind us that safety is so important when riding.

Types Of Bike Jerseys
Bike jerseys are an important part of each bike rider's wardrobe regardless if they are riding as means of regular transportation or for fun as members of a bicycle club. Cycling team jerseys are very handy articles of clothing for bike enthusiast. The reason behind this will be discussed further in this article. Cycling jerseys are lightweight articles of clothing for the upper body. These are designed to allow biking enthusiast to keep a comfortable temperature by means of allowing maximum movement of the neck and arms. Cheap cycling jerseys are available in long sleeved and short sleeved versions.

Exercise Bike Review - What to Look For When Buying a Stationary Bike
Buying an exercise bike Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes these days so it can be confusing when you go to buy one

Cycling News of Pro12 2010 Florida Road Race Cycling Championship
Cycling News and Cycling Video of An Elite Cycling National Champion Winning The 2010 Pro12 Florida State Road Race Cycling Championship

Why Should Cyclists Enjoy Texas?
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Cycling Jerseys Are An Important And Essential Accessory
It is an accepted fact that you need to have the right bike accessories in order to make your biking experience a comfortable and happy one.While you would like to spend a lot of money on safety, security and aesthetic items,there is one useful item that you should not miss out on and that is the cycling jersey.Wearing this clothing is an absolute must since it protects you from the ravages of the weather and also makes you look good on the bike.

Cycling TV of Roughest Crit Bike Race in Florida
Cycling TV Shows Leonardo Martinez from Team Cocos Won In A Super-Human Solo Breakaway In The Rough and Tough Brooksville Criterium Pro12 Race

The Ever So Popular Pit Bikes
What is a pit bike?

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